Lansing Snow Ordinance

Lansing’s Snow Ordinance requires homeowners to  clear sidewalks the full width of the sidewalk and, if on a corner, clear snow and ice on the corner property as well.  Call 517-483-4161 for additional information or to lodge a complaint about snow and ice covered sidewalks.

If not removed and there is a complaint about snow or ice on the property, the City will send someone out to check.  If the snow and ice is not cleared a  sticker will be placed on the door giving the homeowner an additional 24 hours to clear the snow and ice.

If the homeowner does not call the telephone number on the sticker to make arrangements to have the snow and ice cleared within the 24 hour time frame and if it is not cleared by the home owner  the City will recheck the property and will send someone to clear the sidewalk.   If this occurs the homeowner will be billed .  The approximate cost for an average walk is $140.00.

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