Important Rezoning Announcement

The Lansing City Council will be meeting Monday, August 14th, 7:00 pm. at the City Hall Council Chambers. They will be voting on the Rezoning Request for Victor Avenue.
This would rezone the property west of the street behind Hobart/Walker (the old gun
shop location) to the first house on the south side of Victor from single family residences
to duplexes. Currently this property is wooded lots. The rezoning would allow a
developer to build three duplexes on the property. At the June 2017 Colonial Village
Neighborhood Association meeting, the neighbors overwhelmingly objected to the
rezoning for the following reasons: Colonial Village was designed to be a neighborhood
of single family, owner occupied residences. This has contributed to our stability as a
neighborhood. The new housing would most likely be rentals. The property would be
sold to a developer who may or may not be local and/or the property could be resold
after development. We would lose the wooded buffer between residential and
commercial/industrial areas of our neighborhood. Please strongly consider attending
this City Council Meeting to make your voice heard.

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