Deer Over Population in Parks and Neighborhoods

The Lansing Parks Board receives complaints throughout the year about deer in city parks and neighborhoods.  Park Board members have begun to study the issue and gather information.  “Our goal is to create scientifically sound data that will allow the board to facilitate neighborhood programs about co-existing with the urban deer herd and for population control, especially for containment of Chronic Wasting Disease.” according to Parks Board member James McClurken..

A special sub-committee of the Park Board has met with representatives of the MSU Department of Natural Resources and Department of Sociology, Animal Science, to discuss a plan of action.  The sub-committee will recommend that the Lansing Parks Department commission a survey and that the survey be administered to a statistically significant number of households throughout the city.  This survey will help us to identify neighborhoods where deer/human populations interact most often, test perception of damage done by deer in these neighborhoods, and to devise programs that limit future complaints.  The Park Board hopes to begin this study by summer 2017 and will be able to report its findings in fall 2017.

This information received from James McClurken, Lansing Parks Board.

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